Nations directly involved in the Campaign

This page will include all those realms who are expected to be fighting in the campaign, it is important to note simply because they are listed here does not mean they are involved yet but are expected to be very soon.

Please note that unit strengths will be updated as the change occurs, so what you read here will be their current strengths.

Nations at war in the first month of the Campaign season

Herzogtum von Rechburg  v Duchy of Bergatonia - War not declared but units fighting.

Countries directly involved: Most likely

Empire of Hapburgia
The Hapburgian joined the Herzogtum von Rechburg in an alliance, the first such treaty in Europia not based on religion. This has caused th

Hapburgia has a maximum manpower pool of 253,000 available for the Army. However if more than 25%
(63,250) is used the economy starts to become affected.

Hapburgian Army (62,700 men)
Imperial Guard Division = 8 Bns (5,600)
Imperial Guard Cavalry Divisions = 4 Cav regts (2,800)
Imperial guard Artillery = 3 Batt (1HA, 2 Foot -1200)
All Guard are rated Veteran

I Corp (20,400 men) 1 Batt 
1st Infantry Division = 10 Bns (5,600) – Rebuilding after the Ulrichstein Campaign
2nd Infantry Division = 10 Bns (7000)
 Foot Art batteries = 2 Med.(800)
1st Light Cavalry division = 4 Lt Cav Regts = (2800)
3rd Hvy Cav Bde = 2 cav regts (1400) (1 Regt only 400 strong, rebuilding after the Ulrichstein Campaign.)
1 HA Batt = (400)

II Corp (20,400)
3rd Infantry Division = 10 Bns (7000)
4th Infantry Division = 10 Bns (7000)
 Foot Art batteries =2 Med (800)
2nd Light Cavalry division = 4 Lt Cav Regts = (2800)
6th Hvy Cav Bde = 2 cav regts (1400)
1 HA HA Batt = (800)
All regular units above are rated experienced

9th Brigade (Brigade General Muller) (2,100)
3rd Battalion – Exp
4th Battalion – Exp
5th Jager Battalion – Vet
The above Brigade was the 2nd Brigade in the Wartenburg Army, they refused to rebel against the Hapburgian Empire the 9th Brigade remained loyal to Hapburgia and crossed the border to join the Hapburgian Army, it has been renamed the 9th Imperial Foot Brigade.

1st Landwehr Division = 10 Bns (7,000)
2nd Landwehr Division = 5 Bns ( 3,500)
1st Landwehr Lt Cav Bde = 2 Regts (1400)
1 Foot Btty = 400 (regular)
All Landwehr above are rated Militia/experienced.

Brittanic Empire
The Brittanic Empire is the wealthiest Empire in Europia, it has extensive colonies and a very modern (18th century) industrial base. As far as manpower is concerned Brittania is the weakest of the Empires, its army is very small but it has a very large Navy.
Brittania usually hires troops from Rechburg or Pomona to garrison its colonies, its regular army is very professional but as already noted small.
Brittania is allied to Rechburg and the Kingdom of Hollandaise.
Brittania has a manpower pool of 18,700 men available for the Army; it has no reserve manpower as that is in the Navy.

Brittanic Army (Sir Charles Bevan) - Excellent
Brittanic Guards Foot Brigade = 4 Bns (2,800)
1st Guards Hvy Cav Bde – 2 regts (1,400)
The Guard Units are rated Elite.

1st Infantry Brigade = 5 Bns (3,500) (Vet)
2nd Infantry Brigade = 5 Bns (3,500) (Vet)
3rd Infantry Brigade = 5 Bns (3,500) (Vet)
3 Art Batt – 1,200 men

2nd Lt Cav Bde = 2 regts (1,400)
1 HA Batt – 400 men
All the units above are rated Veteran.

The Kingdom of Wartenburg

The Kingdom of Wartenburg was prior to the rebellion the Duchy of Wartenburg and part of the Hapburgian Empire. Prince Konstantin and Princess Arabella have rebelled from the Empire and their Duchy has been raised to a Kingdom.
Wartenburg is now allied to Franconia and the Duchy of Buchenwald.
The 2nd Brigade of this army as a result of a loyalty check crossed the border to rejoin the Imperial army.

Wartenburg Army (King Konstantin) - Good
1st Wartenburg Division (General Maynert)
1st Guard Brigade (General Regele) (1,400)
1st Grenadier Battalion – Vet
2nd Grenadier Battalion – Vet

2nd Brigade left Wartenburg and crossed the border to rejoin the Imperial Hapburgian Army

3rd Brigade (Brigade General Wrede) (3,200)
6th Wartenburg battalion – Exp
7th Wartenburg battalion – Exp
8th Wartenburg Battalion – Exp
9th Wartenburg Battalion – Exp
2nd Medium Art Batt

2nd Wartenburg Division (General Romer) - Good

4th Brigade – (Brigade General Archenholtz) (2,800)
11th Wartenburg Battalion – Exp
12the Wartenburg Battalion – Exp
13th Wartenburg Battalion – Exp
14th Jager Battalion – Exp (300 strong rebuilding after Ulrichstein campaign)
1 Ft Batt (Medium)

5th Brigade – (Brigade General Kuntzel) (3,200)
15th Wartenburg Battalion – Conscript
16th Wartenburg Battalion – Conscript
17th Wartenburg Battalion – Conscript
18th Wartenburg battalion – Conscript
1st Medium artillery Battery - regular

1st Wartenburg Cavalry Brigade Brigade General Kotaesk) (2,800)
1st Heavy Cavalry Brigade
2nd Heavy Cavalry Brigade

2nd Wartenburg Cavalry Brigade (Brigade General Jeschonnek) (2,500)
3rd Hussar Regiment - Exp
4th Dragoon Regiment – Exp (600 Strong rebuilding after Ulrichstein Campaign)
5th Dragoon Regiment – Exp
2nd Light HA Battery

Herzogtum von Rechburg
Rechburg has just finished fighting a winter war in Ulrichstein and against Bergatonia. It was victorious in both campaigns. It is in the process of rebuilding units damaged in the campaigns as well as repairing damage done to relations with allies.

Commander in Chief: Herzog Constantine II (Good)
Chief of Staff - Lieutenant General Ernst Molyneaux (Good)
In the field Prince Wilhelm is the senior Commander (Excellent)

1st Rechburg Guard Cavalry Brigade - Prince Leopold (Excellent)(1,600 sabres)
Régiment Guard Cuirassier 'Christian Manfred Régiment'(4 squadrons)
'Princesses Own' Guard Carabinier Régiment (4 Squadrons) (Heavy)
1st Guard Horse Artillery Battery (6 x 6pdr)

2nd Light Cavalry Brigade - Major General Robert Hawkesbury (Good)(2100 sabres)
Leopold Uhlan Regiment” (4 squadron) (Lancer)
Newstadtal Hussar Regiment, (4 squadrons)
Leeds Hussar Regiment, (4 squadron)
Attached Temporarily - 1st Albany Uhlan Regiment

3rd Light Cavalry Brigade - Major General Hans von Walmoden (Average)(1,400 sabres)
Dragoon Regiment “Van Hessen-Cassel”
Dragoon Regiment “Mohein (this Regt has only 400 sabres is being rebuilt after the Ulrichstein campaign)
1st Albany Uhlan Regiment (Independent Regiment)
2nd Horse Artillery Battery (6 x 6pdr)

1st Garde Infantry Brigade – General August Sagen (Good)(4,500)
Foot Guards Regiment(Princess Caroline Battalion & Prince Wilhelm Battalion) Veteran)
Grenadier Guard Regiment (Grenadier) (2 battalions (1st & 2nd) (Veteran)
Guard Jager battalion (1 battalion - 1st) (Elite)
1st Guard Battery – 6 x 12pdr, 2x 6in How (this battery is being completely replaced was destroyed in Ulrichstein campaign)
2nd Infantry Brigade -Gen Emmerick Dalberg (Good) (4,200 men)
1st Infanterie Regiment Vorst van Waldeck, (This Regts has 1 Bn @ 700 strong, the other has 0 and  is being rebuilt after the Ulrichstein Campaign)
2nd Infantry Regiment (2 battalions- 3rd & 4th) - Experienced
3rd Infantry Regiment (2 battalions - 5th & 6th -  Experienced
1st Line Battery – 6 x 9pdr, 2 x 5.5 How

3rd Infantry Brigade - Gen Wilhelm Hebelstreight (Good) (4,200 men)
4th Infantry Regiment “Hirzel” ( 2 battalions) 7th & 8th] - Veteran
 5th Infantry Regiment (2 battalion, 7th & 8th) – Experienced
6th Infantry Regiment (2 battalions, 9th & 10th) - Experienced
2nd Line battery – 6 x 9pdr, 2 x 5.5 How

4th Infantry Brigade – Gen Thadden (Average) 
15th Infantry Regiment (2 battalions -25th & 26th battalion) - Experienced
16th Infantry Regiment (2 Battalions 27th & 28th Battalions) – Experienced
29th Jager Battalion – Experienced.
3rd Battery – 6x9pdr,2 x 5.5 how.

7th Colonial Infantry Brigade - Colonel - Johann Cotta (Average) (1,400 men) (In Gurania)
1st Colonial Regiment “Lebus” (2 battalions, 12th & 14th)

Forst Pioneer Battalion ( 6 Pioneer Companies) 
2 Harbour Defence Batteries
1 Siege Battery

Militia ( Landwehr) Brigades
4th Landwehr Brigade - Colonel Antoine Gothe (Average) (Formed and stationed  in Guriania)
8th Infantry Regiment (2 battalions, 15th & 16th) – Mil/Exp
9th Infantry Regiment “Smegiel” (2 battalions, 17th & 18th) – Mil/Exp
10th Infantry Regiment "De Perez" ( 2 battalions, 19th & 20th) – Mil Exp
5th battery – 6 x 6pdr, 2 x 5.5 How

5th Landwehr Brigade - Colonel Sidney Gentz (In Rechburg) – (Good)
Infantry Regiment No 11“ De Gumoëns ” ( 2 battalions, 15th & 16th) - Mil/Exp
Infantry Regiment No. 12th “Reisen” (2 battalions, 21st, 22nd) – Mil/Exp
Infantry Regiment No. 14th “Oswan” (2 battalion, 23rd & 24th) – Mil exp

2nd Herzog Paul Uhlan Regiment (Army reserve)) 
 6th Horse Artillery Battery - 6 x 6pdr, 2 x 5.5 How (Army Reserve)
Duchy of Bergatonia
Bergatonia is allied to the Iberian Empire, however geographically it is isolated from them so it has had to rely very much on its own forces. There is now a potential (though remote) that Bergatonia may ally with Franconia if only so Iberian units can gain access to Bergatonia.
Negotiations are underway between Wartenburg and Bergatonia in regard to an alliance
The Bergatonian Army invaded Rechburg during the winter, it was defeated and is now rebuilding.

Bergatonian Military
1st Guard Regiment
1st Guard Grenadier Battalion - 700 - Vet
2nd Guard Grenadier Battalion - 700 - Vet
1st Heavy Art Batt (This battery was destroyed in the Ulrichstein campaign, it is being rebuilt)
1st Infantry Brigade
1st Battalion - 0- Exp (This Battalion was destroyed in the Ulrichstein campaign it is being rebuilt)
2nd Battalion - 700 - Exp
3rd Battalion - 700 - Exp
1st Jager Battalion - 600 - Exp
2nd Medium Batt

2nd Infantry Brigade
4th Battalion - 700 - Exp
5th Battalion - 700 - Exp
6th Battalion - 700 - Exp
7th Battalion - 700 - Exp
3rd Medium Batt

3rd Infantry Brigade
8th Battalion - 700 - Conscript
9th Battalion - 700 - Conscript
10th Battalion - 700 - Conscript
2nd Jager Battalion - 600 - Conscript

1st Heavy Cavalry Brigade
1st Heavy cavalry regiment - 700 - Exp
2nd Heavy Cavalry regiment - 700 - Exp

2nd Light Cavalry Brigade
3rd Dragoon regiment - 700 - Exp
4th Dragoon Regiment - 700 - Exp
3rd HA Batt.

Duchy of Buchenwald (Franconian Ally)
If war was to break out in Wartenburg it is likely the Franconian King Juan I will use the Duchy of Buchenwald to support the Wartenburg Kingdom.
However King Juan will have to be very wary because Buchenwald is in a very similar religious position as Ulrichstein, in that it has a high protestant population which means though currently they are loyal to their ruler Duke Bavelear they will not accept huge losses while fighting for a possible protestant cause.
The Duke Bavelear is a liberal in his ruling and is very much loved by all, he will support King Juan so long as he maintains popular support, and heavy losses would diminish that support quickly.

Buchenwald Military

Duchy of Buchenwald Garde Infantry Brigade
1st Buchenwald Grenadier Guard Battalion – 700 – Veteran
2nd Buchenwald Grenadier Guard Battalion – 700 – Veteran
3rd Buchenwald Guard Jager Battalion – 600 – Elite
1st Heavy Garde Art Batt – Elite

The Ducal Garde Cavalry Brigade:
1st Garde Carabineer Regiment – 600 – Elite
2nd Garde Cuirassier Regiment – 600 – Veteran
3rd Uhlan Regiment – 600 – Veteran

1st Buchenwald Infantry Brigade
4th Musketeer Battalion – 700 – Exp
5th Musketeer Battalion – 700 – Exp
6th Musketeer Battalion – 700 – Exp
7th Musketeer Battalion – 700 – Exp
8th Jager Battalion – 700 – Exp
2nd Medium Art Batt

2nd Buchenwald Militia Infantry Brigade
9th Militia Battalion – 600 – Exp
10th Militia Battalion – 600 – Exp
11th Militia Battalion – 600 – Exp
12th Militia jager Battalion – 600 – exp
3rd medium Art Batt

2nd Heavy Cavalry Brigade
4th Heavy cavalry Regiment – 600 - Veteran
5th Heavy Cavalry Regiment – 600 - Veteran

3rd Uhlan Brigade
6th Uhlan Regiment – 600 – exp
7th Uhlan Regiment – 600 – exp
4th Light HA Battery

4th light Cavalry Brigade
8th Dragoon regiment – 600 – Exp
9th Hussar Regiment – 600 – Exp
10th Hussar regiment – 600 - Exp
5th Light HA Battery

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