Wednesday, November 21, 2012

                                          Start Positions in week 1 of the new campaign season

On the above map you will note the positions of Hapburgian allies and enemies. Hapburgian forces are not deployed yet I am waiting for them to be returned so this map will constantly be updated, the next update will include Hapburgian positions if he chooses to attack or a new Map showing all Hapburgia if he plans a defensive Campaign.

On the above Map Hapburgias Allies are the Kingdom of Vandahalla and Rechburg, you will see that Vandahalla can not spare a lot of forces to help Hapburgia because it has a troublesome neigbour to its north in Pomona. The timing of its entry into the campaign is dependent on die rolls.
Rechburg cannot help immediately as it is in a war with Bergatonia so the depletion of units around the map  can be seen to be in effect here.

Of Hapburgias immediate enemies we have Wartenburg who will be waiting anxiously for Franconia and Badenwald units to arrive (they have not been placed because Hapburgia or its allies do not have a common border with either so intelligence is limited; they will be inside their own borders however.
It is expected Wartenburg will fight a defensive campaign until the Badenwald and Franconian forces arrive, then we can expect a offensive strategy.
To knock a realm out of the war it is achieved in one of two ways - Capture the capital or the loss of national morale forces a surrender.

Bergatonia will not help Wartenburg  as it has Rechburg to deal with and Neider is a Franconian client state so they will not  want to get involved in a war with Rechburg as Franconia will do all it can to avoid that.
Expect a Iberian force to enter through Neider to assist Bergatonia in a few weeks time, assuming Bergatonia is still in play.

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