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National morale charts

While I am waiting for the first campaign moves to come in I thought I would show briefly how the National morale charts work, The charts are designed to reflect the ups and downs of realms, in that way it takes the destiny of any one realm out of my own bias.

National Morale Charts

Every Realm involved in the conflict on Europia has a national morale; this is a figure that represents a number of factors for the nation involved.
First of all it reflects how the nation feels about itself, this first figure is known as the initial morale state. Then a set of modifiers are included, these vary from “A royal marriage, Declaring War , loss of a trade partner” etc. These are modifiers that generally have an impact on a realm that month and they adjust the initial morale state.

Rechburg                 70    173   151
Hapburgia               70     34      47
Danemark               70     83      77
Flensburg                70    108   108
Pomona                  70      73     70
Vandahalla             70      80     80
Wartenburg           70      66     61
Badenwald             70      77     77
Franconia               70      70     67
Iberia                      70      75     72
Brittania                 70      91     91
Neider                    70      72     72
Hollandaise           70      98     98

The first column of figures is the initial morale at the beginning of the month, at this stage because the Rechburg Chronicles was just starting I gave every realm an equal starting point (70), then I included modifiers. Normally the modifiers would generally only be factors that influence a realm over the last month.
This turn however to give each realm a sense of historic standing I included all the factors from the first month of winter (the war in Ulrichstein) through to the end of the winter and the rebellion of Wartenburg.
Naturally covering such a huge period will have significant effect on the scores and that can be seen in the second column of figures.

This column represents modifiers such as
Signing an alliance +15
Win a Major Battle +10
Per existing trade partner this month +2
Royal birth (not a direct heir) +5
Death of a Sovereign -15
Surrender or concede a province -25
Lose a major battle -10
Death of a royal family member -2
At war this month (not new) per realm -2
Loss of a general rated Excellent -5
Result of a random die modifier
Plus many more

The result of the modifiers then gives me the 2nd column or the first month initial points. I then take initial points and divide by 10 and round to the nearest figure, for example Rechburg initial was 173, this gives me 20
(173/10=17 round up 20). This gives me that nations influence points to spend  for the month.

The nation then can act alone or as part of an alliance, they can spend the points positively on themselves and friends or negatively on enemies or even friends if they so wish. The realms spending is reflected in its leaders personality, some are totally trustworthy and supportive and others ambitious, craven and untrustworthy so their spending is reflected in that.

The figure they spend comes of their final adjusted score as does the result of all the other positive and negative expenditures, all of which give us the third column.

The third column not only shows the realms standing in Europia but also how well it has done in the past month. This standing then is reflected in how the totals will impact on it on the morale status chart:

100+ points = The realm is buoyant and feeling immensely patriotic. They get +2 on the morale die roll modifier next month and they receive 100 extra conscripts this month.

70-99 points = The Realm is happy they receive +1 on the morale die roll next month

40-69 points = The people are a little concerned but not overly worried so no effects.

20-39 points = Things are not looking good the people are angry every city throws a 6D to test for revolt.
                        No conscripts this month

Less than 20 = The Realm is in a state of revolt and it is a fiasco. Deduct 1 on next months die roll modifier. Every city and town throws a 6D to test for revolt, if more cities in a province or the realm are in revolt than not, then that province revolts or there is a revolution in that realm if more cities are in revolt that those that are not throughout the realm. Conscripts become rebel soldiers.

It can be seen by this process that Hapburgia was in serious trouble and it was really saved by some judicious positive spending by its friends, its initial points score of 34 had Hapburgia in the angry zone and heading for trouble.
Then its new allies helped by spending positively while its enemies spent in dropping it down, the end result was a slight improvement in its status. No revolts this month but very close to it for the next month. In the next month Hapburgia needs to win some major battles as well as maintain its friends support, both on the battlefield and in aiding its people with points.
Hapburgia suffered heavily in this month’s morale status check, this was intended (sorry Paul) so it would reflect the storyline, but apart from winning or losing battles in the coming month the initial modifiers won’t pull it down as far as it dropped in this first round. If the Catholic allies spend heavily in dropping Hapburgia down and don’t protect their own weak realms or even themselves then they risk a big hit and drop. For example any realm in the low 60’s is vulnerable to a concerted effort by the enemy.
As mentioned the spending is very much reflected in the realms rulers personality (that in some case over rules allied desire to protect their own) and I can tell you as a result of that some realms spent negatively on their allies, ssshhh no names.

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