Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Europian Military campaigns is an extension of the Rechburg Chronicles. Within this blog the Campaign mechanics will be recorded, in other words if you want to check on military moves, units and battle reports this Blog will have it. This leaves the Rechburg Chronicles to record the story of Rechburg and its neighbours, within the Chronicle pages you will read the results of campaign battles, within this blog you will read how those results were achieved.
You will be able to follow map moves and unit strengths as they are weakened by battle or increase as replacements arrive.


  1. I'm pleased to be your first follower. I can see lots of detail that must have kept you busy.

  2. Thank you for signing on aboard once again. Yes this whole storyline has taken on a life of its own, but since I am retired now and I have the time and its actually been a joy to undertake.
    I love the "what if" aspect of imagi nations, though I am the first to concede my imagination seems to have no limits at the moment.
    Originally the Rechburg blog was designed to link a few games, well now the blog links games but they are no longer just a few, so my wargaming calendar seems to be filling quite nicely.

    Again thank you for being here.



  3. Looking eagerly forward to further developments!
    Your background is of continental size: do you intend to build all those armies sin miniature?

  4. LOL no I dont, what I intend to do is with the help of friends use their armies as well, Also the actual field armies will be considerably smaller than the entire army lists suggest. For example most countries have enemies around to require large sections of their military to be posted away as garrisons or putting down rebellions, that will make all field armies quite a bit smaller and therefore much more manageable.
    An example of this was the Hapburgian Army in Ulrichstein,although quite large because of the convenient winter only a small section of their army was available to fight, similar limitations will appear on all nations including my own dear Rechburg.

  5. I had a similar limitation in numbers of figures, but from two small warring nations my own Wholly Romantic Empire project has blown out into 4 member states, and a couple (or more) non-imperial States. I now have armies, albeit small ones, for 5 states, and a sixth, although not mine, is in my possession.

    These are:
    Armies of the Archduchies of Trockenbeeren-Auslese (about 400 foot, 150 horse, 8 guns);
    Army of the Electorate of Altmark-Uberheim (about 350 foot, 114 horse, 8 guns);
    Army of the Grand Duchy of M'yasma (200-240 foot, 76 horse, 4 guns);
    Army of Ursaminor (160 foot, 60 horse, 4 guns)...
    Total by WRE: c.1000 foot, c.400 horse, 24 guns.

    This leaves aside the army of the Landgravate of Jotun-Erbsten (190 foot, 45 horse, 4 guns)
    and a part of the Herzogtum von Rechburg army that will absorb a couple of foot regiments that had become surplus, and will eventually comprise
    160-odd foot, 38 horse and 2 or 4 guns.

    Almost all these are plastics. And you would be surprised how these forces can expand without the slightest volition on my part...